Australia special line freight forwarding air and sea transportation

Nowadays, there are more and more sellers engaged in foreign trade or cross-border e-commerce. With the booming business and the increase of orders, many sellers have gradually improved their requirements for controlling the logistics transportation cost. Postus International Logistics integrates high-quality air and sea transportation resources, customs clearance companies and Australia Head Express Company. After customs clearance, the end of the line is sent by Australia Post or commercial express companies.

Australia Air Express Line

Direct air transportation is generally used by Australia Express Line and Australia Special Line, with high overall freight efficiency, short logistics time, and rapid delivery of goods to Australia. Generally speaking, the time limit for direct air transportation is about 1-3 days.

Australia Maritime Line

1. Container consolidation transportation: The container consolidation transportation is to Australia, and the ports that customers can choose are relatively flexible. In addition to some major ports, Derby, Brisbane and other ports also provide transportation services. But the time limit will be relatively slow. 

2. Full container transportation: domestic full container transportation, usually to Adelaide Port in Australia, and some logistics companies provide transportation to Fremantle Port; Most logistics companies will provide direct cargo transportation.

Australia dedicated line is a cost-effective dedicated line service for cross-border sellers to send directly to Australia. It enables cross-border sellers to enjoy a safe and stable transportation service that is compliant, legal, fast in delivery, traceable in logistics, and worry free in return and replacement when exploring the Australian market.